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Moles in the yard can frustrate any homeowner. They live mostly underground and are classified as pest mammals due to their damage-causing digging habits. Spring and fall are the best times to see these animals, especially early in the morning and late at night. Our mole control services allows you to take back back your yard!

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How Clark's Gets Rid of Lawn Moles

Our mole treatment plan consists of a total of 8 possible treatments.

We begin by applying an insecticide to limit the moles food source to in turn drive the moles away.  The price of this application is based off the size of the lawn (i.e. the total lawn square feet).  Once this application has been made, we allow the insecticide to work for 2 weeks, then return to check the mole activity.  If there is no new activity, and the customer is satisfied with the results of the insecticide, no further treatments would be needed.

When we return for the 2 week re-check, if the activity persists, we notify the customer of our findings, and get authorization to continue with further treatments.  We would bill an additional $385.00 for the remaining 7 visits, which consist of baiting the mole’s tunnels with gummy style baits, trapping the moles with scissor traps, or fumigating the tunnels.



  • 4 to 7" in length with an extra-long head and snout with small eyes and no ears
  • Paddle-shaped feet and definitive claws
  • Black-to-brownish-gray fur that moves quickly and easily back and forth in the tunnels due to the lack of grain on its fur.
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  • Molehills and shallow shafts can damage your yard and garden
  • its digging claws can dig at a rate of 18' per hour and has the strength to add up to 150' of new tunnels each day
  • In one year, they can eat up to 50 pounds of their prey (insects, grubs, and earthworms) in one year.
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