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3 Reasons Not to Go Easy On Termites This Winter

Termite Damage

Termites cause an extensive amount of damage to your home. Having an infestation could mean you have to spend a great deal of money to repair the structural damage from the destruction of these insects. Don’t think because the season is changing that you can ease up on your efforts to prevent termites and that you won’t get them in your home over the colder months.

Termite Weather Preference

Termites do prefer the warmer weather, but they’re active during the entire winter season as well. If you let them go during the chillier months, you’ll notice they’ll continue to breed, and by the time it warms up again, you could find yourself not being able to enjoy it due to the overwhelming amount of termites you have.

During the winter, subterranean termite colonies tend to move deeper into the ground in cooler climates, but because the South Carolina region doesn’t usually see frigid temperatures, the termites don’t have to move very deep into the ground for warmth throughout the winter. Generally, you won’t notice termites being as active during the warmer months, though. Usually, you won’t find swarms of termites around your home because the cold weather will deter them. Termites, however, will continue to thrive as long as they have access to a food source. And if they decide your home is an excellent food source, you’ll be harboring these critters in your home throughout the entire winter.

Seasonal Changes in Your Home

If you have termites in your home already and aren’t aware of it, the termite activity won’t change much due to conditions outside. Heated buildings remain as an ideal location for termites. Queen termites continuously lay eggs all year round, sometimes even at a consistent rate depending on the breed and location of the termites. Additionally, the termites located close to your home in the soil will continue to thrive because of the warmth from your home. You can find both subterranean and drywood termites in your home during the winter because these insects will feast on the foundation and walls in your home since these areas won’t be affected much by the cold weather outside.

Winter Termite Control and Removal

We advise everyone to always look for signs of wood damage, no matter the season. Early detection has the ability to lead to a better prognosis, meaning it’s easier to remove the insects from your home if you discover the problem sooner. Even during the winter months, we advise you to contact us immediately to schedule an inspection for termites. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your home. During our inspection, if we determine you have termites, we’ll actively start the treatment process in order to kill the termites.

Just because winter is approaching, don’t give up on your efforts to prevent termites from entering your home. Contact Clark’s Termite & Pest Control, serving South Carolina and the surrounding area, by calling 866-781-4991 to schedule an inspection and the treatment process if necessary. We can also help you take preventative measures.