Hornet, Yellow Jacket & Wasp Removal Service

wasp nest removal, hornet nest removal, yellow jacket nest removal

Wasp Removal, Yellow Jacket Removal, Hornet Removal: There is nothing a homeowner can do to prevent an infestation. Wasps will make an above-ground nest, usually above doorways or windows. Yellow Jackets always create their nest underground with one entrance hole and one exit hole. Carpenter Bees are traditionally the most significant pest during the Spring while looking for a place to lay their eggs. Honey Bees tend to make their nest inside a structure like a wall cavity or fireplace. If we identify Honey Bees, we always call in a Beekeeper. The Beekeeper will come out and save the colony so that they can continue to be beneficial.


How We Treat and What to Expect

During each initial evaluation, we will conduct a proper and thorough inspection. We then can customize a plan to eradicate the problem. Each particular stinging insect has a different form of eradication:

Wasp Removal - Typically have nests above ground attached to a tree or the structure and can be easily eradicated.

Yellow Jacket Removal - Create their nest underground and are a little more challenging to eradicate. Yellowjackets always have an entrance hole and an exit hole in and out of their nest. Once we locate the holes, our specialist can eliminate the nest.

Hornet Removal - Tend to create their nest above ground attached to a tree or structure. We ensure all hives are removed entirely and that the hornets are eradicated, as well. This is typically done during early morning hours or late evening because they tend to be more dormant.


  • Knockdown any empty wasp nests attached to your structure.
  • Honey Bees require a Beekeeper for removal so that they are not harmed during the process.