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Three Reasons Why You Should Invest In Mosquito Control

As the warmer weather is starting to heat up, so is the need for mosquito control…especially in the South! It’s time to send those mosquitoes PACKING!

Clark’s SKEETERshield helps you enjoy that outdoor BBQ season with family and friends. Here are the top three reasons you should invest in mosquito control for YOUR yard.

1. Rainy Weather in the Southeast

  • According to pestworld.org, A rainy spring and summer is where mosquitos and termites flourish. Warm, wet weather during the scorching days of summer is a bug’s dream. They will only continue to increase outdoors and move into structures.

2. A Variety of Species

  • There are 3,000 species of mosquitoes worldwide, 150 of those being in the United States, 61 in South Carolina alone, according to SC Department of Health & Environmental Control.
  • The most common daytime mosquito in South Carolina is the Asian Tiger Mosquito (pictured below). It lays eggs in containers and feeds during the day, which makes it a major pest for those working and playing outdoors.

3. They Thrive On Warm Summer Nights

  • According to pestworld.org, most types of mosquitos are active around dusk and dawn. They recommend avoiding the outdoors during those times as well as wearing long sleeves and long pants to keep the pesky stingers at bay. This is why mosquito control is important, so you can enjoy your yard at any hour of the day with no annoying nuisances!

How We Treat 

For effective and safe mosquito control, we offer one-time or monthly mosquito treatments. We treat standing water that cannot easily be cleared such as bird baths, tree holes and flower pot saucers. In addition to treating small areas of standing water, we treat the bushes and foliage around the home to the perimeter of the yard on the front, sides and backyards where mosquitoes are found. Following our treatment, people and pests are to remain outside of the treated area for 30-60 minutes.

We offer monthly billing on packages with a pre-authorized charge to a credit or debit card! Pricing ranges from $60 monthly for a 6 month treatment, or you can save $30 by paying for the year upfront.

*Price is subject to change based on size of yard.

Call our office at 866-781-4991 to learn more, or email our team at clarkscsr@clarkspest.com.

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