"I just bought a house and I think the previous owners had a termite bond with you guys. How can I find out?"

This is a question our customer service representatives hear daily, among other question such as: "Why do I need a termite bond?", "Is there a transfer fee?", and "If I had a termite bond on my old house, can't I just transfer it to my new house?".

You asked, we answered!

Clark’s termite protection (aka, termite “bond”) is fully transferable to new homeowners!

Left untreated, your new home can be the perfect host for termites year round and the damages are costly! Termite protection is property specific, therefore it is not possible to transfer this from one home to another, only from property owner, to property owner. This is why it is pertinent that you check to see if your home has current termite protection. We charge a $125 transfer fee for new homeowners, but have several different package options to choose from to give you the opportunity to waive the fee with selecting our Core, Comfort, or Complete packages. If you are new to the Southeast and unfamiliar with the risks of termites, check out our termite page to learn more information.

To find out if your new home is “bonded” with Clark’s termite protection, fill out the form below and a representative will be in touch shortly.

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