Snake Removal Service

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Snake Removal: Believe it or not, snakes are more helpful than harmful! They can help reduce the chances of a rodent or pest infestation as most snakes live off of small rodents, cockroaches, crickets, and other insects. Typically, snakes tend to hang out around your home because of a food source. Eliminating their food source will normally eliminate a snake infestation.


About Our Snake Removal Service and What to Expect

During each initial evaluation , a proper and thorough inspection will be conducted. This will help determine the main points of entry. We then will customize an exact plan to either extract the nest or repel the snakes from coming back.

  • If there is a nest, this typically means that there is a strong food source around the property. We offer rodent services to eliminate the main potential food source for snakes.
  • We offer repellent services that are applied around the perimeter of the home.
  • We offer snake trapping and will monitor the traps on a weekly basis.
  • We offer same day snake removal services as well as sealing up any openings or entry points.


  • If you eliminate most food sources for snakes, they will go away.