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Ants are America’s number one pest problem and fire ants are a special breed. These aggressive stingers can have colonies of up to 250,000 workers ready to strike.

They can ruin your landscaping, cause problems with the electrical components in your air conditioning unit and trigger allergic reactions in some people and pets.

These ants are extremely aggressive and anything that intrudes into their colonies are met with repeated stinging.

How to Identify Fire Ants:

They have a red color and are about a quarter inch long and have a nasty sting that’s well fitting to their name! Fire ants also love to nest in unsightly mounds of one or two feet in diameter and about eight inches high.

Clark’s offers three types of treatments:

(1) TopChoice, (2) Fire Ant Baiting, and (3) Traditional Pesticide Applications.


It is a selective pesticide and will not kill beneficial organisms. Proper application only requires 1 treatment per year for fire ants. Fleas and ticks are guaranteed for 30 days and it yields 90% control for most of time. It is guaranteed for one year from date of initial treatment.

Fire Ant Baiting-Dupont Advion/Extinguish Plus 

Can kill mounts outside treated area, i.e. neighbor’s yard. It is a selective pesticide and will not kill beneficial organisms. It is a great choice for areas where ground is covered with concrete, stone, brick and other obstructions and has cheaper unpfront cost!

Traditional Pesticide

Similar in cost to baiting approach and is non-selective pesticide: it kills most other insects that are affecting the health of your lawn. The residual killing effect lasts for 30-90 days!

In Conclusion…

Many yards have unique circumstances that require different treatments. Some may require a combination of the three treatments. If your problem is fire ants only, Topchoice will save you money in the long run with fewer treatments. We’ve seen lawns go as long as 18 months to 2 years before we are called back for another treatmen! If your problem includes non-biting ants, the traditional pesticide application should be selected. Fire Ant baiting is recommended only if you want a scheduled spring and summer application, or as a part of the TopChoice application to speed up control. Call us today for more information!

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