Raccoon Removal & Opossum Removal Service

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About Opossum and Raccoon removal: Raccoons and Opossums tend to make your attic their new den, because the female is about to give birth. They require a warm and dry place to raise their new pups, and your attic makes a perfect habitat. For Raccoons, This most commonly takes place between February and May. For Opossums, this typically takes place in May and June. Both also like to enter attics and crawlspaces during the winter months. You may hear loud noises or detect foul odors from feces and urine.


Our Raccoon Removal & Opossum Removal Service and What to Expect

During each initial evaluation, a proper and thorough inspection will be conducted in the attic and crawlspace. This will help determine the main points of entry. We then can customize a plan to eradicate the problem. This will involve live trapping and eviction of the animal. Once the eviction is complete, we will close and seal off any points of entry. If the animal left behind a mess, we offer clean up and disinfectant services as well.


  • Get an evaluation done to determine if you have any openings that need to be sealed up.
  • Have any branches or trees touching the house cut back or trimmed.