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How to Protect Pets from Ticks, Mosquitoes and Ants This Summer  

Fire ant removal and other pest control services in SCPets depend upon their owners to keep them safe and healthy. Pests can carry disease-causing pathogens and bacteria into a home and spread them to hosts, in some cases pets and humans. Ants and other pests are known to transport bacteria that can cause food-borne illnesses and more. Learn more about the top 3 summer pests to bother pets and how you can help your best friend avoid them.


Ticks are known to transmit a variety of diseases and can also be easily brought into your Greenville home to bite and infect your pets. Pets need to be checked daily after spending time outdoors, especially if they have been in or near water sources, like ponds, lakes, and rivers or heavily wooded areas. One way to help a dog is to decrease tick habitats and use tick preventatives. Acaricides in collars, sprays and topical treatments may help kills ticks on contact or via a dog’s bloodstream.

The use of products like these helps to kill ticks once on pets. However, what about dealing with ticks before they latch on to your furry family members?

It is important to address the outdoor environment and reduce levels of ticks where pets and children play. Clark’s Pest Control technicians can help with lawn and landscaping services to decrease the chances that animals and children will come into contact with ticks and other pests.



There are 150 species of mosquitoes that call the U.S. home. One species, the Anopheles quadrimaculatus, can infect hosts with malaria. Of course mosquito bites are irritating for people, but did you know that mosquitoes feed on dogs and other animals and can do more than leave swollen bites? Some species of mosquitoes can serve as the transmitter for canine heartworm.

Clark’s Pest Control Mosquito Management System can help Greenville pet owners by inspecting the exterior of a home and recommending ways to address mosquito breeding concerns. A monthly service applied during peak mosquito season can effectively kill mosquitoes and prevent them from breeding.


There are many species of ants and they have become the primary pest problem impacting the lives of families across America. Fire ants especially can cause issues for Greenville area families and their pets during the summer.

Many Greenville and surrounding area residents have seen fire ant beds in popping up in their yard, and bites can trigger allergic reactions in some pets and their owners. Technicians are available in and around Greenville and Spartanburg to kill the colonies on a property. Fire ant baits are a popular option that require two applications annually and are safe to use around both pets and humans.


Protect Pets and Family from Unwanted Pests

Pests such as ticks, mosquitoes and ants can cause unnecessary health issues and trigger allergic actions in your furry family friends. Take measures to reduce pest populations around your Greenville home and keep your property safe for your pets. Clark’s Pest Control is able to expertly address pest issues in and around your home. Speak with a friendly associate at 866-781-4991 to discuss your pest control options.


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