General Pest Control Service

Our pest control service includes all general household pests like ants, roaches, silverfish, beetles, wasps, etc. It also covers brushing down spider webs with a pesticide around eves, doors, windows, lights, garage, and any other areas on the structure that a spider has built a web. Pests that require unique treatments, such as fleas, ticks, bed bugs, German roaches, rodents, etc., require our additional options.


Pest Control Service: How We Treat and What to Expect

We do a lot of work outside your home to avoid introducing chemicals inside. With our multi-step exterior treatment, we control 98% of the pests outside. We treat from the foundation of your home, 2 feet up and 3 feet out, as a protective barrier and all possible entry points for pests like cracks/crevices around doors and windows. Clark’s Pest Professionals and your regularly scheduled treatments ensure this barrier is in place and working for you all year long. Call today for a free pest service estimate!


Everything is 100% guaranteed. If you get an occasional invader, we will come out, identify the pest and make the appropriate treatment.