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How To Get Rid Of Christmas Tree Bugs

“Is That A BUG in my Christmas tree?” Read more to learn which bugs can get into your Christmas Tree and put a damper on your holiday, and how to get rid of Christmas tree bugs.

Picture this. It’s December 1st and you and the family picked up your Christmas tree, ready for a night filled with music, laughter, and decorating. But then you wake up the following morning after decorating the tree to find bugs all over your living room. Believe it or not, getting bugs in your Christmas tree DOES HAPPEN!

Now how do we get the pest out of the tree and out of the home FOR GOOD?

 Pests To Look Out For In Your Christmas Tree



Camel crickets get their name from their humped back that is very similar to that of a camel.

Color: Light to dark brown

Size: 13-33 mm

You could find these crickets in cool and moist environments such as caves, damp areas such as under leaves, stones and rotting logs.



According to prevention.com, you can find these pests sucking SAP from your Christmas tree! They look similar to ticks but have six legs and can develop wings.

Color: black or brown (but also can be red and green)

Size: a few millimeters



  • These critters can coat a wool-like wax that looks like a dust of snow on your tree, typically around the buds, candles, or needle bases of the tree.
  • Color: yellow or purple


  • Spiders main course of action is to find the insects (aka, their food source) in your home which can lead to these eight legged creatures into your Christmas tree.


  • Also known as bark lice or book lice, they like to eat mold or fungi that could be on your tree. Due to low PRESSURE humidity, these insects die off quickly.
  • Color: brown or gray
  • The bright side: They do not bite or feed on humans.




  • These bugs are the size of a grain of rice, so it could be hard to identify these critters!
  • Most likely colonized before the tree was harvested.
  • Prefers moist wood, so they luckily pose no threat to the furniture in your home.
  • Color: red, brown, or black


The bugs like to hang out around the trunk, limbs, and the woody parts of your Christmas tree, according to our sources.

Spiders, however, can be found most likely on the trunk or within the boughs of the tree.

Tips to get rid of bugs in your Christmas tree:
  1. Don’t panic. Usually, these bugs will not harm humans.
  2. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! According to our sources, its best to “Simply vacuum the pest up and then empty the canister or remove the vacuum cleaner bag.”
  3. Once all the pests are vacuumed up, place the contents in a trash bag and dispose into your outdoor trash can or dumpster.
How To Prevent Pests From Entering Your Christmas Tree

We’ll keep it simple:

  1. Inspect the tree
  2. Shake your tree
  3. Inspect Again
Source: https://www.prevention.com/life/a29401955/christmas-tree-bugs/

It’s simple steps like these to help prevent Christmas tree bugs. However, If you suspect an infestation and have a million things to do for the holidays, let the experts at Clark’s Termite and Pest Control take care of it FOR you.

Call us now at 866-781-4991 to schedule your service, or learn more at our pest control page!


Have a wonderful and pest-free Christmas!