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3 Myths about Hibernation

Hibernating Rodent

Dispelling myths about common household pests and their hibernation habits can help you prepare for all seasons. Clark’s Termite and Pest Control is here to help you deal with your bug problems in every season. Dispelling these three myths will give you the knowledge you need to help you keep your home free of bugs throughout the long, cold winter ahead.

1) You Don’t Need Pest Control in Winter

Many insects do hibernate for winter. But, not all of them do. Some of them will come into your home seeking warmth and shelter. Roaches, for instance, love the warm attic spaces in your home and will venture into the living spaces in search of food during the leaner winter months.

Other bugs that tend to move in during winter months include lady bags and stink bugs – each of which presents unique problems when it comes to ridding your home of them and is best left to the experts to remove.

2) Termites Flee the Winter Cold

This isn’t always the case. In fact, termites spend their winters below the ground when it is exceptionally cold. But, milder winters may offer no safe refuge for your home. Termites view your home as an “all you can eat” buffet of deliciousness.

They will eat and eat and eat all winter long if the weather is mild, only going underground for the coldest of winter days. Even worse is that they build huge colonies of termites who do not sleep. They only eat.

3) Common Household Pests Hibernate During the Winter

You’ll be amazed by the number of pests that move in to warmer homes for winter instead of hibernating. You’ve already heard about roaches. Mice are another common wintertime nuisance for South Carolina home owners.

Mice cannot hibernate so they are active year-round. Not only do they scurry about searching for food and water, but they also damage your home with constant chewing and nest-building.

Protecting Your Home from Pests in Winter

Pests invading your home bring no small degree of ick factor into the picture. They can also bring bacteria, germs, and diseases into your home. Getting rid of them is a priority, but preventing them is even better.

Prevention is always the best cure when it comes to pest control. Now, before winter, is the best time to act. Secure your home against invasion from several common household pests as the weather turns colder. This means you want to seal up common points of entry on your home’s exterior.

Also, contact Clark’s Termite and Pest Control at 866-781-4991 to conduct a thorough evaluation of your property and to treat your home for winter. We can make your home an inhospitable and unwelcoming place for most household pests so you can enjoy a nice cozy winter free of unwanted bugs, rodents, and insects.

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