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German Cockroach

German CockroachPhysical Characteristics

The adult German cockroach ranges from 1/2″ to 5/8″ long; their bodies are oval in shape and light brown to tan in color.


The German cockroach is the most common of cockroaches and commonly found in structures. The German roach prefers warm and humid places such as kitchens and bathrooms. Infestations occur in areas where we eat, drink, watch TV and even sleep, making any food and/or water source a prime harborage area. The German cockroach is not only a nuisance but has also been known to be a disease carrier.


Sanitation is the cornerstone to effective long lasting control of German cockroaches. This requires cooperation of the people living in the home as well as a complete interior treatment.

Conditions conducive to roach infestations need to be removed, and items in pantries and cupboards need to be removed to allow access to the harborage for the technician. The Clark’s technician will advise the customer on what they can do to help alleviate the problem as well as determining the best means of control.