Ant Treatment for Yard


ant treatment for yard

As a traditional pesticide approach, general lawn pesticides are applied to the lawn in granular or liquid form. Talstar is a typical product used for this application as a contact insecticide with a residual effect between 30 and 90 days, depending on the environmental conditions. It's typical for people to confuse non-biting ants with fire ants, however this form of ant treatment for your yard eliminates all ants; not just fire ants.

ant treatment for yard


  • The treatment we use for ants in the yard is similar in cost to a fire ant baiting approach
  • This ant treatment is a non-selective pesticide which kills most other insects that are affecting the health and quality of your lawn.
  • The residual killing effect of the ant treatment lasts for 30-90 days.


  • Talstar kills every insect, which means beneficial & other insects are killed
  • Has a higher likelihood of chemical sensitivity
  • Talstar also may require at least two treatments per year; which depends on fire ant presence of surrounding areas.

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