Advion® Fire Ant Bait


Advion fire ant bait is a granular product that appears as food to ants. Ants take the food coated with insecticide down to the colony where others ingest it. This method eliminates the colony. Baits are quick to take effect, generally within 2 to 5 days, but have no residual effect.

Clark's will typically treat the entire turf and ornamental area but occasionally spot treat as a follow-up treatment or an initial "knockdown" for severe infestation with Tophoice®. Two treatments per year are generally required to maintain effective control of fire ants. These treatments are typically applied in the spring and fall.

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Benefits of Advion fire ant bait

  • Can kill mounts outside treated area, i.e., neighbor's yard
  • Selective pesticides; will not kill beneficial organisms
  • Good choice for sites where the ground is covered with concrete, stone, brick, and other obstructions.
  • Cheaper upfront cost

Disadvantages of Advion fire ant bait


  • Active ingredient highly affected by sunlight and water
  • Bait tends to become rancid and unattractive to ants as it ages
  • Only a 30-day guarantee
  • Best applied in the spring and fall under certain weather conditions. Ants must be foraging.