Which Fire Ant Treatment is Right For Your Yard?

Fire Ant


A granular product that quickly eliminates the colony for up to 5 days with no residual effect.


Topchoice® is a granular product that takes four weeks to activate and offers a one-year guarantee.



The liquid form of a traditional pesticide approach with a 4-6 weeks residual.

Many yards have unique circumstances that require different treatments. Some may require a combination of the three treatments. But if your problem is fire ants only, Topchoice® will save you money in the long run with fewer treatments. We've seen lawns go as long as 18 months to 2 years before we are called back for another treatment.

Topchoice® will not eliminate non-biting ants, but experts believe non-biting ants are good for the environment. If your problem includes non-biting ants, the traditional pesticide application should be selected. Fire Ant baiting is recommended if you want a scheduled spring and summer application or as a part of the Topchoice® application to speed up control.

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