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Dampwood Termite

Dampwood TermitePhysical Characteristics

The Dampwood termite swarmer ranges from 3/4″ to 1″ long including wings. The swarmer is light to dark brown in color with a yellow to reddish tinge with dark brown wings.


As their name implies, dampwood termites locate their colonies in damp, decaying wood, typically found in old trees, stumps and logs and are known for attacking utility poles, pilings and fence posts.

Signs of Infestation

Dampwood termites eat across the natural grain, eating both spring and summer wood. The Dampwood termite will make chambers connected by tunnels whose walls are smooth as if finely sanded. When conditions are dry, the Dampwood termite will accumulate at the bottom of each chamber with their own fecal pellets to seal it off.


Soil treatment with long residual insecticides to provide a chemical barrier is the most commonly used control or prevention method for dampwood termites.