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Camel Cricket

Camel CricketPhysical Characteristics

The adult Camel cricket is 1/2″ to 1 1/4″ long and has an arched back. They are typically light to dark brown in color.


The Camel cricket’s name comes from their humped back, similar to a camel. The Camel cricket can be found outdoors in cool moist situations such as under mulch, stones, railroad ties, woodpiles and debris. Around the home they can be found in wells, pipes, under A/C units, concrete pads, sheds, basements, utility rooms, crawlspaces, garages and attics, often invading the home in hot and dry weather.

Indoors, the Camel cricket has been known to damage and/or destroy fabrics.


Most infestations of crickets can be controlled with Clark’s Year Round Pest Control.