Bird Removal Service

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Many types of birds (woodpeckers, crows, sparrows, and more) like to roost on homeowners' columns on porches or even roofs. Some birds can be a significant nuisance to homeowners or businesses. We do not kill birds; we simply use some deterrent or exclusion to keep the birds out.


Our Bird Removal Service and What to Expect

During each initial evaluation, we conduct a proper and thorough inspection. We then can customize a plan to eradicate the problem. We can offer services that prevent birds from roosting in columns attached to the structure by using Bird Spikes and Natural Bird Repellents. No birds will be injured during this process. Occasionally we will find birds roosting in dryer/exhaust vents, chimneys, or attics. We offer bird nest removal and replace exhaust vents or chimney caps.


  • Make sure all chimneys and columns are capped