Bat Removal Service

Bat removal near me

If you're looking for bat removal near you, we've got you covered! Bats live in large colonies and prefer dark places like caves, dead trees, crevices, and people's homes. Bats are mammals and are the only mammals that fly. Bats are a part of the natural balance of nature, and they are needed on earth to keep everything in order. We do not KILL bats, but we offer to perform an exclusion so the bats will not roost in your home again. Bats will eat up to 1200 insects an hour and between 6,000 and 8,000 a night.


How We Remove Bats and What to Expect

Our Solution Specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of the attic, gable vents, and roofline during each initial evaluation. This assessment will determine the roosting site and entry points. We then will customize an exclusion plan that will allow us to evict them from their roosting sites safely. Once we evict the bats, we will seal up any openings and entry points to deny the bats of re-entry. We also remove Bat Guano and disinfectant areas exposed since it is a considerable health hazard to humans and their respiratory system. We will also replace any insulation in the attic as needed. We do not harm bats in any way, and we abide by all state regulations and do not offer any eviction or exclusion services for bats during their prime mating season.


  • Seal up all gable vents