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4 Tips to Prevent Ants in Your Kitchen

How to get rid of ants and roaches in your kitchenAsk any homeowner and they’ll tell you that the number one pest they don’t want to see in their home is ants. Commonly active in the spring and summer seasons, it’s remarkable how those tiny critters can be so noticeable in your home. They’ll contaminate your food and access your garbage, but with correct precautions in place, you won’t have to deal with them. Here are four tips from our experts.

  1. Remove All Possible Food Sources

Ants can appear even in the cleanest of homes if there’s traces of food. Make sure your kitchen countertops are clean and free of crumbs. Wash or thoroughly rinse dishes after dinner every night, and take the trash out regularly. A trash can with a tight lid is a good idea. Seal up any food with metal or plastic containers.

  1. Don’t Forget Water Sources, Too!

Food isn’t the only thing ants go after in homes. Check for leaking pipes, standing water, or any other places of moisture that ants may discover. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements are good rooms to inspect.

  1. Send Them Packing

Ants are social insects that communicate to each other through smell and secretions. The scouting ants will leave behind a chemical ‘trail’ for others to follow, so if you see one ant, there’s likely more nearby. Follow the trail they set to the source if possible. You can cut off their ‘path’ by spraying the areas with white vinegar or drawing lines with chalk.

  1. Be Mindful of Your Pets

The places for your pet dog or cat could turn into a hangout for pesky ants if there’s open pet food or water lying around. Even dirty empty food bowls can attract ants. Clean up any open crumbs and seal the food and water sources whenever possible. You might want to schedule set feeding times as well.

Ants can become seriously annoying and be a real downer at your ‘picnic,’ but by following precautions like these you can send them packing elsewhere for good. If you are in need of more in-depth ant infestation solutions, contact us at Clark’s Termite and Pest Control today. Whether it’s preventative measures or eliminating an infestation, we’re here to help you defend your home from these pesky invaders.

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