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What Is A Termite Bond? Your Questions Answered!

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Having a termite bond is essential when owning a home….but why?

We often get asked “Why am I paying x amount of money annually when you only come out once a year?”, or “Why don’t you spray every time?”

  • ALL of South Carolina is listed as HIGHLY INFESTED as per the SC Department of Pesticide Regulation (see photo below of a Queen Termite, found by one of our pest pros!). It is very important to maintain a termite bond because termite damage is not covered in homeowner’s insurance.  
  • You can think of a termite bond similarly to auto insurance. You hope you’ll never need it, but if you don’t have it you’re taking a risk with your home — which is even more expensive than an automobile. 
  • Your annual payment covers you for a FULL year of termite protection up to $1 million in termite damage repair.  This includes an annual inspection. During the inspection our technicians measure moisture conditions of the wood to help identify conducive areas.  
  • In the state of South Carolina you can only treat on the site of active termites or at the start of a new contract. While the termiticide we use is long-lasting, no termiticide is full-proof. Therefore, we combine the treatment with an annual inspection and damage repair coverage to fully protect your home.

How We Inspect – Going Above And Beyond!

During your annual inspection, one of our certified technicians will first inspect the Always Active Sentricon bait stations around the exterior perimeter of the home. They use scanners to ensure that if there is a termite in the station, they will find it and replenish the station as needed.

They also inspect the inside of the garage, primarily the walls and baseboards due to it being the “hotspot” for termites. If your property is on a crawlspace we inspect underneath the home. If you’re on a slab we typically inspect the interior of your home, however due to COVID-19 guidelines we will be performing thorough exterior inspections until we are able to come inside again. This will not affect your bond, you will still be 100% covered if you come across any activity in your home.

You will also receive a detailed inspection report via email after your service, showing everything the technician found and inspected while at your home. This also includes photos taken that can be accessed through our convenient online portal!

If at any time you think your home has active termites, you can call our office. One of our certified technicians will come to your home, inspect, and treat appropriately.  This is all included under the fee for your annual termite renewal. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out at our toll free number

866-781-4991 or clarkscsr@clarkspest.com.

PS – It’s still rodent season!

SPECIAL OFFER: If you suspect rodents in your home, we are offering free evaluations for the month of February ($50 Value).