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Here’s how to maintain a healthy lawn during the southern heat!

Summers in the south are always hot! High temperatures and lack of rain can really take a toll on your lawn without the correct care. Here are a few tips to help you keep your lawn thriving the whole summer long!

#1 Watering is key! Check your irrigation.

When it’s hot out, it is important to keep your lawn watered. We’ve noticed a lot of dry turf conditions lately. Spring is the perfect time to make sure your sprinkler system is working properly. It’s a good idea to run through each zone looking for stuck or slow rotating heads, clogged and/or broken spray nozzles, over-saturation in drip lines and zones that don’t turn on due to bad values or controllers.  If you identify problems and need help correcting, we’re here to help!   

#2 Get to the root of the problem, aerate!

Aerating your lawn is important because it helps your grass roots become stronger, healthier, and softer! We recommend aerating your lawn once a year, typically in late spring (May through mid-June). Aerated lawns are able to retain moisture better, absorb nutrients easier, which allows them to sustain harsher conditions, like heat and drought.

#3 Feed your lawn and fertilize!

In harsh conditions it is essential that your lawn has all the proper nutrients it needs. Routine fertilization helps your lawn grow in thick with substantial blades. This protects the soil temperature and allows no room for weeds! Early spring is the BEST time to begin fertilizing your lawn. Our fertilization team uses an Earthmax/Soil Amendment treatment for our Centipede and St Augustine lawns. Lawns love it!

#4 Maintain the proper length while mowing!

One of the MOST effective lawn care tools is a lawn mower that is used per the guidelines for your specific turf! Frequent mowing keeps weeds from developing seed heads so they can’t reproduce. Mowing weekly at a little higher mowing height helps the grass through our hot, dry spells and blocks the needed sunlight new weeds need to develop. The key is to never take off more than a third of the leaf blade at one time.

#5 Leave it to the Pros!

When the weather is warm, people tend to spend time outdoors enjoying their yard. If you don’t want to spend your free time working on your lawn, leave it to the pros! One of the biggest advantages to using Clark’s is our trained personnel identifying and eradicating harmful insect and disease problems before they take a toll on your beautiful turf. We’ll put the time and effort in to keeping your lawn healthy, so all you’ll spend time doing is enjoying it!