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The Time of Mosquitos is Here!

It’s that time of year again! We’re looking forward to long days and warms nights full of swimming and barbeques. Most of us will be spending more time outdoors with out families and friends. However, we know that with spring’s warmer weather comes mosquitos, and it doesn’t take many to ruin your outdoor fun. Here are a few facts to help you survive this mosquito season:

  • All mosquitos require a water source in order to breed. Several common items around your home can become breeding sites when they collect water including bird baths, pet water bowls, children’s toys, and even clogged gutters. Mosquito larva can hatch in a little as 4 days. So, we recommend keeping possible water collectors turned over in combination with a mosquito reduction service.
  • Mosquitos have terrible eye sight. So, the darker your clothes are, the easier you are for them to see-making you an easy target! If you plan to spend some time outside, wear light colored clothes to remain out of sight.
  • What mosquitos lack in eye sight, they make up in their ability to detect carbon dioxide. They’re able to detect it from up to 75 feet away! The hotter you get and the more you exhale, the more vulnerable you are for attack. Therefore, we recommend trying to stay cool while you’re outside. Make sure you drink lots of water and a fan wouldn’t hurt either!
  • Mosquitos transmit diseases in many ways and can even pass certain viruses down to their larva. They are responsible for over 1,000,000 deaths a year due to spreading diseases like West Nile and Malaria. In addition to West Nile, Mosquitos can also pass heartworms to your pets. The best way to protect your furry friends and family is with mosquito repellant and a mosquito reduction service.

If you have any questions about mosquitos or our mosquito services please don’t hesitate to call or email our office. We’re excited about the improvements we’ve made to our service in order to provide an affordable, strong, longer lasting service.