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Ladybug, Ladybug, Let Me Be!

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Ladybugs aren’t typically seen as pests. In fact, as predators to aphids and other insects that feed on plants, they are extremely beneficial to our gardens. However, when the weather begins to change  as we enter into fall and winter, ladybugs begin to search for a place to hibernate.  Unfortunately for us, it seems our homes are sometimes the perfect, cozy place for them to rest and they begin to make their way indoors.

While ladybugs do not damage your home (they won’t eat furniture, curtains, or your expensive fur coat), in overwhelming numbers they become a pest and can even get a little messy. When a ladybug becomes scared or agitated, they release a yellow, smelly substance that can leave stains on a surface. We absolutely do not suggest swatting, smashing, sweeping or anything else of that nature. If you have ladybugs inside your home, it’s time to get out the vacuum! Place a knee-high stocking inside of the end of the vacuum wand, this way the ladybugs will get caught inside the stocking and you can release them outside again. If left inside the vacuum bag or canister they will simply crawl back out again.

The best way to deal with ladybugs is to have a little patience. Ladybugs are a seasonal insect and they will make their way back outside as soon as the warmer months arrive. In the mean time, here are a few different things you can do to keep your home [almost] ladybug free.

1. Pest Control! Although we cannot guarantee to completely prevent or remove all ladybugs from your home, our barrier will help prevent them from making it inside of your home.

2. Caulk! Make sure to caulk around all entry ways like doors and window sills. Ladybugs can fit through even the tiniest of spaces.

3. Check your weather stripping! Take a look at all of the weather stripping on your exterior doors and windows. Replace any that looks ripped or dried out. If you find any exterior door without weather stripping make sure to add it to help keep pests out.

In addition to these preventative measures, some retail stores offer lady bug light traps to attract and capture large numbers of ladybugs for re-release outdoors or ladybug houses (similar to a bird house) to divert them from coming inside you home.

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Picture by Customer Service Representative, Matt Jeffcoat