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Unwanted Winter House Guests

UnwantedGuestsWhen the weather gets cold, you’re not the only one who will want to snuggle up in your home. All types of wildlife will be on the look out for warm places to make their new home through the winter. Although some of these creatures may look cute and cuddly, it is important to have them removed as soon as you find them or their evidence. Not only can they cause physical damage to the structure of your home, they can chew wires which can lead to a house fire. Different types of wildlife can also expose your family to dangerous diseases or introduce fleas into your home. It is very important to let a professional handle all wildlife trappings and removals. Wildlife technicians are prepared for finding, trapping and removing any animals that may have made their way into your home. They are able to lift heavy ladders and use them safely while placing or removing traps. Also, they can manuver within tight spaces such as attics or crawlspaces to capture the animal without being attacked. Our wildlife specialist will communicate his findings and clearly explain the best course of action to make sure the animal is removed a quickly as possible.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

So, if you’ve got an unwanted house guest this winter (and we’re not talking about your in-laws) give us a call today to set up an evaluation!